How would a So Cal boy like it at SLU?

<p>My Son has become interested in SLU. He is drawn to it's remote rural location and small size. He also really liked the Semester in the Adirondacks thing. He wants to be a rural ER Dr. He is heavily involved in the outdoors.... Eagle Scout, Wilderness First Responder, mountaineer, rock climber etc.. I was worried that the school has a sort of "jock" culture and he really does not want that. He is more the smart, laid-back guy who loves to sit around and talk about ideas... think Reed College type. I would love to hear some opinions on what sort of an environment SLU is. The cold would not be an issue I don't think.</p>

<p>Well SLU is a pretty athletic school but I don't think that "jock" culture is really there. We have the second oldest Outing Club in the nation and it is the most popular club on campus. Your son would fit right in with the Outdoor Theme Cottage, Outdoor Programs guide program and clinics, and just using the Adirondack Park (largest state park in the nation) on a regular basis.</p>

<p>The campus is an active environment in so many ways. Students are involved in a number of clubs/organizations (not just 1 or 2, more like 3 or 4). Our location actually encourages attracts a lot of students interested in the outdoors. Hopefully others will chime in as well but I don't think your son will have any problems finding people interested in the outdoors!</p>

<p>Thanks StLawrenceU...</p>

<p>It sounds perfect!! My S is actually very athletic... he is a Varsity Swimmer, beach lifeguard and if you have ever summitted a 15 foot mountain, you would know fast about being an athlete the hard way if you weren't. He just is not keen on a perception of "jock culture" which in his mind, is a bunch of guys sitting around getting drunk trying to out macho each other. He is a kind of passive, laid-back, intellectual type kid. If there is a huge outdoor element like you said, I think he would find his people and be happy. We are going to be taking a visit this Spring. It is on the top of his list. Not too many of his mates from his prep school in CA are looking at rural remote colleges in the tippy top of N.Y., so he is kind of "out of the box"... I think it's great. He will be in Vermont this Spring semester at The Mountain School. I guess he will find out fast about the cold. A cold day here is 70. LOL!!!</p>

<p>Great to hear! I am an alum from 2006 and was actually captain of the swim team and coached the team for a little bit. Really a great group of guys and we have had a handful of swimmers join us from CA in my years. Your son will learn all about winters in the Northeast being in VT!!</p>