How would adcoms know?A.P Vs. CC

<p>So I read sometime ago on these forums or yahoo answers or some other college website that adcoms like to see A.P classes vs. cc classes because they don't know how rigorous the cc classes are taught. My question is how would they know how rigorous the A.P classes are taught?</p>

<p>Whats your opinion on whether they are equal/one is better than the other.</p>

<p>i think CC classes would be much better. and better than CC would be a regular university. I'm doing dual enrollment, but i'm not doing it at a CC, i'm doing it at Drexel U.</p>

<p>Indeed, CC classes run the full gamut (I took an intro level Psych class as a prereq for a Masters pgm -- it was weaker than my tenth grade Psych class -- really). Just explain what the class was (I guess advanced calc is "solid").</p>

<p>How do they know how rigorous the AP classes are? Good point b/c not all AP classes have the same rigor either.</p>

<p>Really it's the art of knowing the specific schools. The Adcoms of the ultra selectives generally know which schools likely will generate apps. They have a good feel about them. I heard of a situation where an AP English teacher wrote a rec with poor grammar. This situation didn't impress the adcoms as you can imagine. AP in name only it seems.</p>

<p>Community College Classes are weaker than AP classes...</p>

<p>They can probably measure the strength of your AP class by your AP score. If it's a 5, there's a higher probability that it was good... etc.</p>

<p>Thanks for the replys. Anyone else want to weigh in?</p>

<p>I'd say AP>CC simply because of the average caliber of students. In an AP class, you're going to find the most driven students in the school, most likely, whereas in a CC class you're probably going to find the students who... well... couldn't really get in anywhere else.</p>