How would my essay sound?

<p>I'm having trouble thinking about topics for my essays. This is just a basic idea of one I am thinking about:
I was born in Pittsburgh but moved to NC. I live in a very rural part of NC. There are alot of farms and thus, a ****load of rednecks. Even the teachers here are ignorant and most have never even left the state. Most of the kids don't care about school. There are few kids here that actually care about school and do well, and that is because they are military (Seymour Johnson AFB is right near by). Would writing an essay about loving education (and thus hating my current environment) seem whiny to adcoms? I obviously would try to take any blatant words out that would give that off, but I just hate this place. I'm the only person that knows which schools are Ivies. Very few have heard of any schools besides UNC-CH or Duke or ECU (party state school). I have back up essay ideas, but I still would like alternatives. So would I be able to use this and not sound whiny, or would this idea be bad for an essay no matter who wrote it?</p>

<p>It's a good idea. Just do it in a way that doesn't put down the uneducated people in your community.</p>

<p>Thanks...I was just afraid the very idea would be bad, although I just need to make sure I don't sound negative about the environment and instead, talk positive about myself and learning and education, right?</p>