How would this affect my chance?


<p>I am a junior physics student, I got suspended from school, my school is quite prestigious, I look for transfer as I lost faith in my school.</p>

<p>The suspension is about things like sexual misconduct. The accusation comes from someone who just want to ruin me for her advantage. I never did those things and try to tell the school that I didn't commit those stuffs, but they just won't listen, probably because I cannot talk very well and was too logical when doing the hearing. (Yep, I think I was being too naive that everyone could comprehend logic)</p>

<p>My department, knowing of my good character, tried their best to help me. Unfortunately, they can not change a thing. Now, the only thing they could do to help me is to prove my good character by writing to the universities I am applying to. Also recommendation letters.</p>

<p>I perform very well in my classes and have good grades (mostly 3.7-4.0 GPA). But I am worried that I cannot explain this situation well in my applications and would affect greatly my chance of getting admitted.</p>

<p>I cannot lie to get advantages for myself. That is against my believes.</p>

<p>Any advice, opinions, or just discussions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading.</p>


<p>My suggestion is to ask one of the professors trying to help you before to write a recommendation and mention the false allegations and your true character. Fighting through something like this will show a lot of perseverance, you have my best wishes.</p>