How would you rank the following universities for Computer Engineering?

[]Boston University
]UC Davis
[li]UC Irvine[/li][/ul]

(Using any factor of your choice)

Well, I am not going to rank all of them, but I can tell you that CMU is head and shoulders above all the rest, with an admission rate well below 5%, so VERY difficult to get into.

If you have access to a guidance counselor, see if he/she has a copy of Rugg’s Guide, which will give you undergraduate rankings of the CS departments of all these schools. They are ranked Tier I (highest) to Tier III or, unranked.

Good luck!

OP is asking for computer engineering and not computer science. While CMU is still very strong, I won’t put it head and shoulder above others, especially Cornell, for computer engineering. Also, note that not all schools have a computer engineering degree, in some you go for Electrical and Computer Engineering and choose your electives to make it more like a computer engineering degree.

Here would be my attempt to rank the schools:

  1. CMU
  2. Cornell (tied, not a typo)
  3. UIUC
  4. UCLA
  5. Purdue
  6. UCSD
  7. UC Irvine
  8. UC Davis
  9. Boston University (I don't know a lot about the last 3, except that they are probably below the other 6).
  1. CMU = Cornell = UCLA = UIUC = Purdue = UCSD
  2. Davis = Irvine = BU

All are good schools for CE, I’d lean to the CA publics if you’re a CA resident.

@ColdinMinny @1d51jklad1 @osuprof Thank you so much! This has been very helpful.

Here’s one published ranking (although it’s for graduate-level programs):

Here’s a couple others (although they’re for CS not computer engineering, and again, aren’t necessarily focused on undergraduate education):!/page/0/length/25/sort_by/rank/sort_order/asc/cols/stats

Thanks you @tk21769 :slight_smile: