How would you rate the Art and design programs at Michigan?

<p>Hi everyone! :) It's almost thanksgiving! <em>yay!</em></p>

<p>I am currently a senior in high school, and I'm planning to apply to both art colleges and universities with good art programs. Some people have told me Michigan has good art and design programs, but some have not actually heard that before. What do you think? </p>

<p>It would really really be a huge help for me to know. Thanks a lot</p>


<p>I'm interested in all 2D arts,
such as illustration, advertising/communications art, photography, industrial design</p>

<p>My daughter is in the A&D school and really loves the whole experience of UMich. The school is not a typical art school with foundation classes etc. It is conceptually based and seems to be organized around the exploration of what art and artist mean in the world. I only picked this up second hand, so I may not be saying it exactly right. I definitely suggest visiting the school For the right person it can be the perfect mixture of art education and big university experience. For someone looking for a traditional art curriculum, maybe not. That said, the school is small and very personal, so calling or visiting and asking about the program will most certainly gain you some valuable information.</p>