Howard Class of 2025 EA/ED/RD

tell me if this works,
i still have to write my essay and get my letters of rec. i asked my counselor and she said she would send the letter once they send the email. have you guys gotten the email invitation yet?

@bsmd05 @whoopis464

It says that I need access. For the email, they sent one last week with a form that you can fill out to apply for it

oh sorry i dont know why it did that, anyways i gave you access
lol i still havent gotten my email so i dont even know if i can apply but thats weird cuz technically im eligible

oh wait nvm i never took the act
good luck on your application guys you got this!! i really hope you get in!!!

Hi everyone! It looks like the big day is April 9th. Best of luck!


Hi everyone. I got in EA and I wanted to ask what is your cost of attendance on the FA portal? Mine says 30k but on Howard’s website it is 40k?

I’d like to apply next year, can you please send it to me as well!?

Accepted (deferred EA)! This was my last decision and I’m glad the process is finally over. Stats are in my first post, although I was since able to send a test score above their 75th percentile.


Accepted as well 4.2 GPA 1380 SAT

Applied for Computer Information Systems

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Has the financial situation of Howard been affected adversely that it hasn’t provided people with scholarship above 19k ? They haven’t clarified about the merit and need based aid.

19k seems to be the highest merit they are giving unfortunately for most of the top students, havent seen any presidential scholars.

Are they providing need based as well or is it all we are getting from them?

Did you get in I have a similar gpa

Since I already applied under ED in the fall of 2020 (rejected), I’m in the process of applying for transfer admission (my application is due April 30). To qualify, I had to enroll in community college to get the minimum required 15 credits with a grade of C or higher in Eng/Math etc…

I’ll find out my admission decision by June 15th. (it’s a rolling deadline)