howard's gotta have the worst college name ever

<p>everyone would think you said "harvard"</p>

<p>Happened to me in the post office. This lady said, where are you mailing the application and I said 'Howard' and she said, wow, you're smart. She then spoke about that guy who got rejected from 'Harvard' who was on every single television show. I figured out why she mentioned the guy a few days later.</p>

<p>why did she mention the guy? Was he black?</p>

<p>Remember the kid who got rejected from Harvard and the other top Ivys with his perfect score? Well, she thought I was applying to Harvard and told me the whole story and I was wondering why was she telling me this; however, I found out that she actually thought I said Harvard, which sounds so simliar to Howard.</p>

<p>He was Asian, btw.</p>