How's Connecticut College and few questions....

I have Connecticut College way up on my list of LACs to apply RD for fall 2019. I’m currently an expat and hence can’t visit or feel the campus and the college, hence would like to hear from current, past students and parents. I’m planning to major in Economics with open options to double major in Mathematics or Statistics. I really liked the following benefits of this school which I’m really looking for in my entire college search process -

  1. No Greek Life.
  2. Honor code (self-scheduled exams).
  3. Beautiful, large and scenic campus in an already beautiful New England region.
  4. It's proximity to NYC, Boston, Philly.
  5. One plan, unlimited meals.
  6. Availability of substance - free, quiet housing.
  7. Year round housing availability for students like me who can't travel back to the other half of the earth during breaks.
  8. Single dorm availability.

But I still do have some questions regarding this college and would highly appreciate helpful answers -

  1. How would you describe the campus vibe, the surrounding neighborhoods/Environment and the student body? How's the social scene? How concentrated is drinking and drugging on the campus and housing?
  2. Most people seem to claim it as an elitist and preppy. What exactly is meant by 'preppy'?
  3. How's the Financial Aid? And is it reliable for upper-class years?
  4. How're the classes, professors, management and staff in general, are they good and approachable?
  5. How's the Economics dept. especially? Is it heavily quantitative? How well is this school's reputation in East coast finance industry, especially NYC and Wall Street? Who are the recruiters?
  6. Considering it's location in New London, I'm not sure of the safety both inside and outside the school. Is a car required to travel to and from the campus and the rest of the city?
  7. What exactly is their core curriculum and general education composed of? I'm generally inclined towards an open curriculum.
  8. Is it guaranteed that a student beginning from their sophomore year can avail single dorms? If yes, does it have a private bathroom attached to it?

If you have anything else to share about this school, please do.

You need a full ride. I’d operate on the assumption that you won’t be offered a single with a private bath. I think you’re also getting too specific in the wish list you’re using to rule out colleges. What you need to know is if they have your major, do they offer full rides, and will they grant a NCP waiver for a student who not only knows where his parent is but has had multiple contacts over the last year.

Who are all these people? Former students? How many years ago did they attend? There are kids from upper income families there but all the ones I’ve met have been very nice.

What did their website say? Doesn’t the major description list the requirements?

If I were you I’d review your list and toss out any college that doesn’t have your major field of study – not specific major because you can’t afford to be that picky. Then make another run through and get rid of any that don’t offer full rides. Then cut any that won’t offer NPC waivers. If the list is still too long to be affordable, apply to the ones most likely to offer the aid you need. When you get affordable acceptances, that’s the time to sort through the finer points to determine the best fit. For students who need full rides, money is the primary concern. Nothing else matters if the finances don’t work out.


Well I’m not too picky if they do or if they don’t, they just happen to claim to, but if they’d refrain from offering me one just because my bill’s on them, that’d be a discrimination.

I’ve already done that. It has got a little shorter. All the colleges now on my list satisfy those factors. While I’m not trying to use the factor if they offer me a private bath in a single room or not to shortlist further, I now want to learn more about the colleges that are on my list. Not that that I’m trying to be picky because I’m compromising on certain areas if the other factors outweigh that.

I just want to learn more about these colleges now. Shortlisting is done.

Connecticut College doesn’t guarantee singles. They have them and they’re available after freshman year, but singles generally cost more. It’s not discrimination for colleges that offer full rides, especially those that cost $72k/year, to specify which type of room and meal plan is covered. I’d expect to get the basic plan (double room and standard meal plan). If you’re offered that but want a single, I think you’ll have to pay for an upgrade.

According to their website, first year students live in doubles, triples, and quads. After that, there is a housing lottery. This is pretty typical and favors upperclassmen who draw first.

There is a mix of “types” on campus. Jocks, artsy types, etc. I have been told by students that drinking dominates the social scene (which is pretty much the norm) and that partying on campus is more common than off campus. New London is a navy port, so local bars may cater to that crowd. Freshmen are not allowed to have cars.

Conn has a nice funded internship program which can help with job placement.

This is a good school. I suspect it is difficult to get a full ride there. It is relatively selective.

@austinmshauri, @gardenstategal, it seems they do meet full demonstrated need of the student, albeit they’re need-aware.

Their ED acceptance rates are over 70%. I don’t know I’m still deciding which school to ED and Connecticut College seems a great contender for it especially that it offers year round housing even during the breaks, as I can’t travel back to the the other side of this planet for every break, neither I can afford renting a place anywhere during those breaks.

The ED rate includes most of the recruited athletes so is misleading. They are "accepted " before they apply.

They don’t offer year round housing, btw. When they say breaks, they mean the dorms are open during Thanksgiving. They won’t house you over the summer!

BUT yes, if it’s your first choice and you are a good fit and you are not shopping for the best FA package, ED is a good option. Check their net price calculator – if they come back with that, you are locked in.

@gardenstategal this student IS needing excellent need based financial aid. And also has an issue with a non-custodial parent…will need a waiver which is not a slam dunk anywhere.

@GuessME5 Conn College requires the non-custodial parent Profile…or a waiver. Have you reconciled this issue?

You need excellent need based aid. Even with colleges that guarantee to meet full need, the offers can vary by many, many thousands of dollars.

Why are you applying ED? Why? Since finances are a significant consideration, you might want to consider applying regular decision so you can compare net costs amongst more than one acceptance and financial aid offer.

@thumper1, yes I’m hoping for a waiver which they told shouldn’t be a problem wrt my case and would email the petition once I file for it.

I plan on applying ED for 1 college which will be either UChicago or Williams. Vandy doesn’t initially require NCP info but may ask in between (just like UVA) so I’m not considering it for ED. I just dropped the idea of considering applying ED for Conn Coll. Rest all colleges, I’ll apply EA (if they’re not SCEA), and the one’s that don’t offer EA or are SCEA, it’s RD for them. For colleges which offer rolling admissions, I’ll apply as soon as I get a SAT waiver card, which is really very difficult to get here even being an American.

A word of advice, if you are considering an ED application, estimate the costs INCLUDING your NCP’s information as the NCP waiver is by no means assured. Chicago would be your best best as it doesn’t require NCP financial information AND you would get a boost for ED AND it fits your desire for a high powered intellectual environment with minimal Greek life. However it’s in an urban area with non-trivial crime rate. The university posts security guards at night.

As Conn College and Williams require NCP financial information, I wouldn’t apply to either ED, unless they verify in advance that you will get that NCP waiver. Why waste ED on a school that you may not be able to afford?

@mamaedefamilia, thank you for the advice! ED for UChicago! (I’m really looking for an urban campus!)