How's Gettysburg and few questions...

I’d appreciate input from current/past students and parents. I’m interested in knowing more about Gettysburg College. What has been your experience here? How would you rate the academics and professors? How is the Economics/Finance/Mathematical Economics program here? How has been, if any, on campus recruiting? What about study abroad and internships? How’s the reputation on east coast finance world?

Also, how is the surrounding area and the town it’s located in, apart from its supernatural status, is the area safe? Is dorm guaranteed for all 4 years? Lastly, how was your experience with the FinAid dept.? Would appreciate inputs on this especially from EFC 0 and very high stat applicants.

-American Expat

Gettysburg is a very safe campus in a very safe town. Dorms are guaranteed for all four years. Gettysburg will meet 100% of your financial need if they elect to admit you and it won’t change over your four years. Only so many students can be selected who need a lot of aid so those spots are competitive. Study abroad is encouraged and financial aid is carried over to make it financially feasible. I am sorry I am not at all familiar with the Finance/Math/Econ programs but I am sure others on here can help. Gettysburg seems to have a good academic reputation, many grads go onto post-graduate studies. Professors are approachable and class sizes are generally small. Greek life is popular and Gettysburg has many traditions that are still carried on. Best of luck to you!

@beenthereanddone, thanks, that was a great review. Just one more question - is the Greek life so dominant / out of control here? What about a student who isn’t interested in Greek life at all? Would this school be a good fit for him? Also, just out of curiosity, what is your take on the haunted town and campus of Gettysburg and the college?

Greek life dominates the social scene at Gettysburg but you don’t have to join in. There are other options, even some alcohol free ones. I’m not a huge paranormal person but I will tell you I never fully understood the term “sacred grounds” until I stood in the Devil’s Den. It’s definitely worth a visit. Good luck to you!

Im a rising soph at GC & i love it here. The town is very cute and there are always fun things to do on campus. Greek life ~sorta~ dominates the social scene but I’m not rushing and thats not a big deal at all.