How's KU?

<p>I'm a senior and my first choice is KU. I want to know students opinion about KU - the community, academics, dorms, Lawrence, activities, etc and especially diversity.</p>

<p>This section has been dead for awhile.. I hope someone sees this. :)</p>

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<p>I'm not a current student, but KU is a great school. Don't let the quiet atmosphere of this subforum discourage you. If you like the school, apply.</p>

<p>You could try sending a PM to Sparklyunicorn, who I believe is a current KU student.</p>

<p>The reputation of Lawrence, KS is that it is one of the great college towns in America; Very student-friendly with a hip academic and intellectual lifestyle.</p>

<p>I think you'll like KU a lot. I am excited about being an incoming Freshman this Fall from Wisconsin. Great academics and spirit. Also, I have been told that it has a laid back, friendly atmosphere outside of the classroom which is a nice bonus. Have you been to the campus? It's really gorgeous.</p>

<p>I'm a parent but my son has put KU at the top of his list after visiting schools this year. We visited in October and he fell in love with it. The campus is absolutely beautiful, Lawrence is one of the coolest small towns we've ever visited, great restaurants, shops, and people. He likes the fact that he can study pre-business his first two years and then apply to the school of business his junior year. That's unlike some of the Big 10 schools that he's interested in and it makes it so much easier if he changes his mind and doesn't want to study business. It's also a very welcoming school. He received an email from admissions after his visit to thank him for coming to campus, and then he received a hand written post card from his tour guide! Very impressive.</p>

<p>Community life... sigh... i'm a shy person, so I don't like getting out of my box. But, i still managed to meet a potential soulmate here. :D</p>

<p>If you're after community life, you're going to have to go out and chase it. Greek life, Schol halls, Clubs, etc. There are a LOT of clubs. </p>

<p>Academics... also eh... I'm in the Honors program here, and it's probably the only reason why I haven't lost my mind. But maybe I'm just not challenging myself enough, I mean, there are lots of opportunities to do that here. </p>

<p>Dorms: definitely would try schol halls after a dissatisfying year in a 4-person suite. If you want details, PM me and I'll explain... gah, Maintenance requests that never get fulfilled, and a major health problem that wasn't solved for a month. SCHOL HALLS PLEASE!!! They're less expensive, a mix of Greek Life and traditional on-campus living, and everyone there loves them. </p>

<p>Lawrence is a GREAT TOWN!!! I've lived less than an hour away my whole life and never realized what a great place it is. In KS, Lawrence is known as the one liberal holdout, but there are still conservative influences. </p>

<p>Diversity? lol... diversity here is fine, I mean, if you see an Asian, they're probably international students, but I'm totally fine with that. There's definitely diversity, at least as much as there was at my JoCo high school. whitewashed? maybe. But again, there's a lot of groups that focus on diversity, like the Asian American Student Union, Society of Black Engineers, etc. </p>

<p>And... lastly, yes, I am a current KU student. PM me if you want more specifics!</p>

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<p>I'm from JoCo too! :)
I can't make a decision on which college: I'm between K-State and KU. KU has a lot more "me" than KSU does.. but I love KSU anyway. So confused. :(</p>

<p>No problemo! My roommate's lived in Manhattan (KS) her whole life, so coming to KU was... unexpected. She has since changed her alliance to the Jayhawks and she loves being a KU student.</p>

<p>Rock Chalk (and hope for a #1 ranking today!)</p>