How's Life at These Schools? (CA)

<p>I was wondering if anyone out there attends or has any info about the social life or the kinds of people you'll meet at these schools:</p>

<p>SFSU: accepted w/ music scholarship
UC System: I already love UCB and UCLA; anyone have anything to offer regarding UCD, UCSB, or UCSD?</p>

<p>Outside CA: U Arizona, U Oregon</p>


<p>Hey dude! You got a music scholarship?!</p>

<p> wouldn't happen to know anything about any of the schools I listed though lol?</p>

<p>I heard UCSD is a great school, but then again i'm only 14 and I have never been there.</p>

<p>I live in San Diego and have been to UCSD many times and it really is awesome. Not only is the school great but its in La Jolla and your right next to the beach for surfing and other stuff. Plus San Diego has a great party scene and concerts without the traffic in SF and La. Basically, SD is awesome</p>

<p>San Diego with no traffic? hahah, where are you driving? It used to take me 25 minutes to drive three miles to school.</p>

<p>Really I live 15 minutes from the school and its pretty quick. I guess your kinda right when you get near the school and stuff but if you go to the school you wont be driving to classes that often so you should be able to avoid that. Also obviously SD has traffic just not as bad as LA but each year it gets worse :( Still SD is way better and like the weather is perfect so</p>

<p>Traffic disappears when you're taking the pulblic transportation in the Bay Area. You do have to do some waiting for the transportation at times, but traffic is an illusive thing that varies by time. At times all three places are bad, I would think LA is generally worst, at least on the freeways and the cooler parts of LA, then SD, then SF.</p>

<p>I wouldn't worry about it.</p>