How's my chance?

<p>Hi, I’m currently a junior. I’m looking towards a major in biochemistry or molecular biology. What are my chances to get into Cornell?</p>

<p>Sex: Male
State: New York
Ethnicity: White</p>

<p>GPA: 3.8-3.9 UW (somewhere around 96-97 on 100 scale, not completely sure)
In the top 10% in my class.</p>


<p>SAT: 2110: 680 CR, 710 Math, 720 Writing. Taking this again in March.
ACT: 34: 35 English, 32 Math, 36 Reading, 33 Science. (31 combined English/Writing). Taking again in April.
SAT II Chemistry: 800
SAT II World History: 750
Taking SAT II Physics and Math 2 this June.
AP World History: 5</p>

<p>Advanced Courses:
All possible honors courses at my school from 7th to 11th grade(minus Honors Spanish IV in 11th).
Accelerated band program 10th – 12th (wind ensemble vs concert band)
10th: AP World History
11th: AP Physics B, AP US History, AP English Language, Pre-AP Calculus
12th (planning on): AP Economics (Macro + Micro), AP Chemistry, AP Calculus
Got As for all classes.</p>

Sports: JV Soccer, Varsity Soccer, Varsity Track & Field
History Club, Jazz Band
Achievements: Science National Honor Society (President next year), Mu Alpha Theta, National Junior Honor Society, High Honor Roll multiple years, high scores (90s out of 100) at state music evaluation – piano and alto saxophone
Volunteer at local soccer camp
Volunteer at local elementary school – science experiments during classes, science nights, math nights
10 years of piano—I’m planning on sending a cd with my best pieces and improvisations to my top picks.</p>

<p>Work experience: Independent jobs for a technical support company—fixing computer software and hardware problems, setting up networks and printers, etc.</p>


<p>If you can get your SAT CR/M up to 1500 (75th percentile for Cornell), then I think you will have a very solid chance of getting in</p>

<p>ED you're probably in, for RD you want your SAT's as said ^^^</p>

<p>Thanks you two. I'm feeling pretty confident about my next SAT.</p>

<p>regardless of your SAT, your ACT is above the 75th percentile, so if you submit that, you should be good anyway.</p>