Hows my list looking?

<p>So I did some research into what schools would be viable for me to apply to and I have this list and I want to dual major in chemical engineering/finance. And yes I am not the normal CCer with the 4.8 gpa 2390 sat and the award for getting most ap 5's or sumfing. I am just an average Highschooler.</p>

<p>Stats-2.65 gpa uw/w, Have a CC Calculus class looking at a 3.5 in it right now, week-3/7
30 act-1 try/28 m.m.e.- was extremely sick but took it because I didn't want to waste a free act. Also 31 superscored.-near nil prep.
1920 sat-1 try 1940-2 try 1350-superscored/1990 superscored. -no prep
9/10 essays for 4x sats/acts
10 years relay for life- 40k or so raised
9 years of bell ringing for 20-40 hours/year
5 years of volunteering at church functions 35 or so hours/year
2-3 years of a week long 40 work hour mission trip
school sponsored 2 hour community service project every week senior year</p>

<p>ECs will have
2 years of Model un
2 years of business club
4 years of xc
4 years of track
3 years of stage crew
1 year of wrestling
1 year of swimming
At a Jesuit highschool in Detroit, had a little featured blip about it in Time magazine.
Currently training for the Detroit Free Press Marathon if that can be used as an extracurricular on top of xc/track.</p>

<p>Will most likely have a killer essay utilizing the training involved for a Marathon+connecting that to how hardworking I can be =P.</p>

<p>Schools organized-
Local Community colleges - Transfer really liking this possibility.
Wayne State-Refuse to go there though but still will apply as they come to my school, have instant acceptances and free applications.</p>

<p>Also all of these are considered affordable/minimal student loans for what I have/parental contribution.</p>

Western Mich
Central Mich
U of D Mercy\
U of M Dearborn</p>

<p>Low Reach-
Case Western(stats are higher but with acceptance rate of over 70%)<br>
Loyola Chicago-Jesuit-Jesuit places admissions a bit higher for me and they have the same thing as Wayne State does. Also best location in my opinion of all the schools on my list.<br>
Michigan State
St. Louis University- also Jesuit-Jesuit</p>

<p>Mid Reach-
University of Minnesota, probably should be high as I would think their chemical engineering program would be extremely difficult to get into as it is top 2-3.</p>

<p>High Reach- University of Michigan- top ranked Business/Engineering schools, great name recognition for just about anywhere.</p>

<p>Anything else I should look into, please do tell and if I should move any of my schools upwards/downwards also please do tell.</p>

<p>UMich is definitely a high reach, you might be a couple or more safeties. What can you afford? Will you need financial aid? What type of campus?</p>

<p>I calculated I would be able to provide 20-30k for tuition/room and board/other necessities. This would be with pre-calculated loans of around 10-50k. However if I were by chance to go private, my mother would wish me to go Jesuit and would financially to a certain extent support me through. I feel that were in a bracket where since I am the sole financial dependent (75k salary) with a decent amount saved up, I am not getting much financial aid. Jesuit schools do provide some nice aid though and aren't as expensive as top schools so I like that. Also I know having pre-budgeted loans isn't something I should do but, I feel is ok with my majors as they aren't known for paying low starting salaries. And this salary is only with what I have now rather than what I can make in the next year and a half.</p>

<p>Well another reach would be Marquette University in Wisconsin and is jesuit so you might like it...</p>

I calculated I would be able to provide 20-30k for tuition/room and board/other necessities. This would be with pre-calculated loans of around 10-50k.


Are you saying that you will pay 20-30K/year in loans for your education? Or is the 20-30K what your family can pay yearly with their current income? If the latter, then great. If the former, please rethink that idea. No student needs to graduate with 80-120K of loans.</p>

<p>I have about 70kish saved up, and I calculated abut 10-50k debt depending on cost of school if its total costs are in between 20-30k.. Thus my state schools, and possibly Jesuit with help from my mother. And yes I know already looking at that much debt is substantial but I feel that with my majors it is sustainable rather than if I was majoring in the Classics or something along those lines.</p>

<p>Oh and yes I am considering marquette its just that I don't see it having that much bang for the buck.</p>

<p>Fly upwards my friend.</p>