How's My List?

<p>Junior, female from NJ
- have tutored a family of french girls for 3 years (since my frosh year) for 3-4 days after school.. we've grown so close and I think i will write my essay on my experience with them
- 3 year member of newspaper, editor as senior
- key club
- youth ministry at my church (lead discussions, give speeches, run retreats for confirmation candidates)
- lacrosse
- french honor society
- national honor society
- Big sister to little boy in the town over (once a week meetings)
- AP/honors except in math
-brother went to Dartmouth graduated magna cum-laude..don't know if that makes a difference. </p>

<p>-31 composite ACT (only took once w/o prep so hopefully will go up)
- Top 5% of class
- 730 Biology E as a freshman, 660 on lit (probably retaking)
- Taking AP tests in Lang & Comp and Bio next week so no scores
APs include (this year and next): AP US 1, AP US 2, AP LIT, AP LANG & COMP, AP BIO, AP STATS, AP WORLD, AP FRENCH 5</p>

<p>4.28 w
4.0 w</p>

<p>-Middlebury (reach)
MAYBE dmouth as a reach but not sure
-Washington & Lee
-University of Richmond
-Connecticut College</p>

<p>...any others you can think of? safeties along the lines of these schools...? Chances?</p>

<p>bump 10charr</p>

<p>You need some more reaches, otherwise your list looks solid. Maybe apply to a couple of ivies.</p>

<p>If you raise your ACT just a little bit (assuming you're retaking it), there's a chance Colgate will give you crazy scholarships and stuff like that</p>

<p>I applied to Hamilton and Colgate, and I think you'll get into both, so that's fairly solid. I had a college list that was supposedly light on reaches, but I was really happy with all of the schools I was applying to, so don't force an Ivy League in in place of another school just because it's more prestigious if you don't really want to go there</p>

<p>bump 10 char</p>

<p>Why don't you apply to some of the all women LACS like Wellesley, Smith, Bryn Mawr, and Barnard, I'd think you'd have a decent shot at them :).
Have you considered Rutgers as a financial safety maybe? And you definetly need more safeties in there maybe look at the LACs in the 30=50 (according to the U.S. News ranking as an idea)?</p>

<p>I really like your pick of Middlebury, a great fit for your interests. You have an interesting mix of schools on your list, a few schools considered a little more conservative like Washington & Lee and University of Richmond, as well as one with a more liberal reputation like Connecticut College. </p>

<p>Did you have any idea what you may want to major in?</p>

<p>Many people who apply to Richmond and Colgate also apply to Bucknell, so if you like those two schools, you might also consider Bucknell. I'd also suggest Lafayette.</p>

<p>I'm not interested in any all-women's schools. I definitely need more safeties.. and would like suggestions for good ones. Finances are not an issue at this point, thankfully- so Rutgers probably would not be a good safety since I do not like the size/proximity. </p>

<p>Do you think I have a good shot a Middlebury? Also.. I know it is an interesting mix. I'm generally more politically conservative, but Conn College caught me as a NE lib arts with a bit lower of a selectivity rating. I'd like to major in English (other interests include: Art History, Journalism, Archaeology, History) So, those are possible minors/double majors. </p>

<p>I saw Bucknell and liked it, but it is really popular with my high school and I do not want to be somewhere where a lot of students from my school go...also I don't think I wanna go somewhere in Pennsylvania.</p>

<p>check out Bowdoin, up your alley for a reach</p>

<p>Maybe some good safeties could be Beloit College, Austin College, Lewis and Clark, Denison and Rhodes.
I think you honestly have a good shot at Middlebury, but its still a reach since it's pretty selective.</p>

<p>Check out Carleton, Rice and Davidson for reaches. Take a look at Grinnell, Colby and Bates for 'on target.'</p>

<p>We really liked Dickinson in Carlisle, PA</p>

<p>Is Middlebury a bad choice for someone that considers themselves politically conservative?</p>

<p>Dartmouth is pretty conservative. If you really it then I would consider applying early decision, especially seeing as you have a legacy there (your brother is an alumni). Try to increase the test scores. Extracurriculars look fine though.</p>

<p>Does my brother's alumni status affect my admission?</p>

<p>Yes, you have a legacy at Dartmouth. ;)</p>

<p>A legacy is any immediate family member who has attended the school; this includes parents and siblings. However, grandparents, aunts/uncles, and cousins on the other hand would not be considered legacies at most schools.</p>

<p>Legacy connections will help quite a lot IF you apply early decision.</p>

<p>I did not realize that. That is great news!</p>

<p>"Is Middlebury a bad choice for someone that considers themselves politically conservative? "</p>

<p>No, my son just graduated from Middlebury and he said some of his friends were politically conservation. Conservatives who could articulate their opinions are respected at there.
(and this from the son who was a John McCain supporter!!)</p>

<p>Wesleyan, Ithaca, BC, Vassar</p>