How's piano/music department at WWU and UBC?

<p>Can anyone tell me if those schools have good programs for music studies, or fine arts? I'm going to be applying for fall quarter.</p>

<p>What are the programs like? I've heard that if you only minor in music, then you don't study actual performance or practice or anything like that, and it's just history. Are there any such limitations for art too?</p>

<p>I'm also a little worried about my chances of getting in. I've taken the SATs twice and got decent scores (1980 total: 620 R / 710 M / 650 W), but I've had a pretty low GPA (3.0) throughout highschool, though I've taken IBs (Eng 2 years, History 1 year, Science 1 year, Language 1 year, Art 1 year). I've tried extracirriculars to make up for it. I had a leadership position last year in a school cultural club, I've taken piano lessons for 9 years, won a few competitions, etc. I know UBC's a reach, but how secure would I be with WWU?</p>