How's school going?

<p>New boards!</p>

<p>Anyway, I know there were a couple of Generals on CC this summer, or Generals-to-be, so I was just wondering how it's going so far.</p>

<p>Not entirely sure if I count - but life in Lex Vegas is going well. I got your reply on the "old" forum and was sad to see that you won't be here in another week - but I do hope that you come in the spring. We'll grab coffee or similar.</p>

<p>Definitely. The funeral is a sure thing for this weekend, and then next weekend I have to work because, like I said, senior pictures the Saturday after that and the SAT II the Saturday after that. I'm going to be hurting for money very shortly.</p>

<p>I absolutely love it here! I've adjusted much more quickly than I had expected, that's for sure. Really glad we've finally reached the Reading Days--first thing I did after my last class today was to take a celebratory nap.</p>