how's the food...

<p>I keep reading in various places that the food at Hiram is bad. Anyone out there give me a read on it?</p>

<p>Also, Hiram advertises that it locks in tuition from your freshman year through your senior year...anyone found that this is really helpful or just a promotional piece?</p>

<p>With two kids in college , I have to tell you that Hiram's guaranteed tuition rate has been a godsend ( esp. one year when my husband lost his job ) . It's true - my D has the same tuition every year until she graduates ( she will graduate in 4 years ) . There is a vegetarian co - op that students can join and cook to their heart's content ; I think they changed the food providers just this year so I do not know the quality of it but she has never compained.</p>

<p>They also didn't raise tuition for this next academic year...</p>

<p>How does your D like Hiram?</p>

<p>It's a perfect place if the kid likes rural living , smallness of campus and extreme freindliness . Being a city girl , she still enjoys the countryness of it - even in multi- cold weather - and she loves the library . </p>

<p>Amazingly , it's quite diverse there --and lots of kids from different states. </p>

<p>We have been very happy with it for her . The faculty advisors zeroes in on the students' strengths and weaknesses , and help them along the way . One day when my D overslept ( her room mate was in Africa in a three weeks feild trip ) , the professor called her room and asked how she was doing on a certain paper .</p>

<p>BUT make sure the college has the major and academic interests your child wants to do . It's strong in sciences , a lot of pre-med kids there , biologists , that go on many feilds trips , their psychology dept . is perfect too . She is a history major and although they lost one professor , it's still strong there because of the great faculty .</p>

<p>I have to say that they have not raised ( in fact , decreased it $ 200 ) their board & food costs . BUT the food service is not as good as it was when she was first there ( this may change as students have a powerful voice on campus ) .</p>

<p>BUT IT SMALL ! This is not a University in no means and does not profess to be either !</p>