How's the social life?

<p>I have heard a lot of bad things about the social life here and I want to get to know the truth behind this. Also I realized how big of an Asian population there is at stony.</p>

<p>Asian population is pretty decent b/c the Asian society also consists of ppl from the med and grad schools, so you get a diverse plethora of ppl. In terms of social life, well it all depends on you, your major, and how much time you have. Sure there are parties every Thurs and on weekends, but if you want to go then go. In my opinion, I would rather do other ECs or meaningful activities then get flat-faced drunk, but that's just me. Now of course most of the campus is empty on weekends, which find to be a nice tranquil change from the hustle of school week, but finding things to do is all up to you. Plenty of ppl that I know, spend most of their weekends catching up on work and sleeping-in, so it's hard to tell b/c so many factors need to be taken into account.</p>

<p>Yeah I hear that people usually go back to NY during the weekends. My question is why are the weekends so emtpy? Is there really not that much to do in Stony? I'm going to be majoring in Psychology so I was wondering how are the social settings in that department?</p>

<p>At the information session, they said that they did a recent study to see how many students are there on the weekends to destroy the commuter reputation and they came up with 75%. But then on the tour, our guide said that it is 60/40 for residents/commuters.</p>

<p>Thank you guys for the information. what activities are there at Stony Brook?</p>