How's the Summer Sublease market in Tallahassee?

<p>I might have to sublease my apartment in the summer, but not sure if the market is flooded around that time and I'll end up having to pay for those summer months when I'm not even there. If things go well, I'd be willing to let that person stay the next year, too. It's a pretty decent apartment a little further down in Pensacola Street more close to TCC. Seems to be a decent amount of Grad students and non-students as well as some students. I was able to sublease a different apartment last year during Spring/Summer but I think that was only because I found this person for both terms. </p>

<p>Do people start out in Summer @ FSU? Are there enough people starting to rent in the summer. What about International Students?</p>

<p>From my experience, it is definitley a renters market. All over campus I see papers on the bulletin boards for summer subleases. From my friends anecdotes, I would say about 3/4 of them do not get a renter for summer. 2 of my classmates rented out their places for $100 less than they are paying (a house off of Tharpe St.) In addition, many apartment complexes do not allow subleases, so it has to be done under the table there.</p>

<p>Under the table subleases are the way to go with a trustworthy friend.
Many apartment complexes charge outrageous fees for wanting to sublease. </p>