How's the weather like these days?

<p>I am considering attending Explore Carolina on 18th, so I would like to know what kind of weather it would be down in Chapel Hill during those days.</p>

<p>In addition, if you are kind enough, would you tell me how's the weather like for the entire four seasons?</p>

<p>Spring: Pretty nice, flowers in bloom and all that good stuff. As of recently, it's been raining pretty frequently in the eastern part of NC. </p>

<p>Summer: Hot and humid and sunny. </p>

<p>Fall: A brisk cold, but it probably won't go down anywhere below 60 in the daytime. It's a little windy. </p>

<p>Winter: Compared to the winters up north where it can easily reach the single digits, our winters are pretty decent. The coldest it got here was around 30-something.</p>

<p>Luckily, we have had a few good days of rain lately. All the reservoirs and lakes are filled and talk of reducing water restrictions starts. Hard to predict what the weather will be like 2 weeks from now, but it should be warm, maybe 72-75 degrees sunny, or chance of thunderstorms (but these only last a short time). Check and look at their 10 day forecast for Chapel Hill.</p>

<p>In general, Fall and Spring are the best time of the year. Relatively warm and dry and mostly sunny. The summers can be harsh in terms of humidity, but then we get the pop up thunderstorms and the temperatures cool, but the humidity remains. Winters are all over the place. We are typically right on the edge of a line that separates colder northern winter weather from the more mild southern winters. We do get our occasional cold snap and even get snow from time to time, but just enough to makes things white. Every few years we get a nice storm or two, but all the climatic features have to aligned for this to happen. Of course, this area was the brunt of the nations jokes a couple years back when with 1 inch of snowfall, the region came to a halt. But I think we are over that and have put things into place to avoid any more embarrassing news stories. </p>

<p>Also know that we are in hurricane season from July to November. Since we are far enough inland, it typically doesn't bother us, but we have had strong effects over the years from hurricanes that have hit the coast and moved inland. Usually tropical storms by then. We have everything here in terms of weather, but typically only in moderation. What I mean is that we don't have a typical rainy season, temperatures hardly ever reach 100 or even 95 on the high side and rarely goes below freezing on the cold side; not much snow. The ocean is only a couple of hours away east and the water is warm. and the mountains are a couple of hours away west with good ski areas. </p>

<p>Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons, not too hot, not too cold, no humidity, mostly sunny. The blossoms of the trees and plants are gorgeous this time of year and the colors of the fall leaves is spectacular. </p>


<p>They covered it pretty well, it should be warmish the 18th, maybe 70s.</p>

<p>i'm coming this thursday through saturday and the weather is going to be partly sunny with 75 degrees.</p>

<p>Grazie! :)
I'm from the Windy City so it is a good news for me that winter down in NC is not as harsh as winter up here. From what I have read, I must enjoy the weather at UNC very much all year long, except for some days in summer, during which I would most likely be gone.</p>