how's the wustl campus

Is wustl campus in the city of st louis, or in a more suburban area. Has anyone visited wustl? I jus wanna know how the campus is… hoping its in the city…

<p>wustl borders Forest Park, which is a huge city park. I grew up there and went to school there many, many years ago. It really is centrally located when you take St. Louis and the metro area. Now I know things have changed, but public transport was readily available. I grew up there never having a car!!! The campus is very nice and there are many things to do. Good luck!!!</p>

<p>The campus is gorgeous, with easy access to downtown, and right at the edge of Forest park with free museums, zoo, etc. Lots of restaurants within walking distance.</p>

<p>It is a very nice campus. You do have very easy access to Forest Park and the city, but WashU is in Clayton, a suburb. Compared to surrounding suburbs (such as Ladue and Creve Couer), however, Clayton is urban (it is the St. Louis County seat).</p>

<p>WashU is in Clayton, barely. It is right at the city edge. The suburbs in St. Louis meld together. Besides Clayton, the school is bordered by University City. Both areas offer tremendous entertainment opportunities. One of the things I miss about the city is all of the great restaurants.</p>

<p>Don't know the answer to your question, but I know a woman who went to medical school at WUSTL in the 90's and she just recently moved. She spoke well of the college life there and the choices of city type things to do, many free. OTOH, some say it is a very mainstream kind of place.</p>

<p>True, the St. Louis Zoo and Science Center are both free (and very nice)....I can't imagine these two attractions keeping you entertained for four years, however! The Tivoli and The Pageant are also close by for movies and concerts. Threre are some jazz clubs too. COCA can provide some entertainment also. WashU regularly has concerts in the main campus quad too.</p>