How's this school's atmosphere?

<p>One thing I'm concerned about this school is that
they have this big sports community as well as the reputation
and it seems to be totally dominating the school.
I wanna know if that's not just it and there are people
thinking like that as well.
Also how's the class?
I'd definitely be transfering to other school in a year or two but...
Can you actually get a decent education in here?</p>

<p>I know some people at UT and they seem to enjoy it, but my experiences with them as a prospective student have not been encouraging. Despite having visited the campus twice and met with several deans, I have not received any acknowledgement. They just cut off need-based aid to nonresidents and their merit scholarship process is needlessly complicated. I'm not applying though I'm in-state.</p>

<p>vig180 : What did you think about the school,atmosphere-wise or
anything else for that matter?
Is the area considerably safe? how's the people? did you think
you'd have a good time if there aren't those financial matter?
ANY input will be welcomed. THANKS!!</p>

<p>Knoxville seems relatively safe to me. The school is right in the heart of the city and the neighborhood looked decent, but still urban. It's a beautiful area of the country though with mountains less than an hour away on all sides and the Tennessee River right next to campus. I got the impression it's a very laid-back academic atmosphere with a bloated bureaucracy (haven't they had like 3 presidents in the last three years?). Most of the academic strength probably comes from the sciences and engineering. Something around 90%+ of the people are from TN and tend to be rather Christian, sorta conservative-leaning, and hard partiers.</p>

<p>There is definitely a very interesting intellectual community at UTK, but you have to seek it out. There are lots of zombies there, really.</p>

<p>You CAN get a very good education there. Again, though, you have to proactively seek out the good professors. There are many not-so-good ones. If you're in the honors college, your classes shouldn't be too huge. For a solid, not-too-pricey in-state education in a relatively large, diversish (ok, compared to UT-Martin, anyway) atmosphere, UTK is a good option.</p>