HOWTO: reapply

<p>Hi everybody,
I want to reapply to Stanford for 2007 SCEA using the online application. I applied online last year and was unfortunately rejected. I guess I need to create a new online account for this year's application. Now, when registering, Stanford tells me that a duplicate account will make it more difficult to manage my application.</p>

<p>What should I do? I emailed Stanford, but got no response yet.</p>

<p>are you applying as a freshman or a transfer student? b/c i think there's a different app and deadline for transfers. i'm too lazy to check. but go to the admissions website and look. also, call the admissions office.</p>

<p>but i don't think making a duplicate app is a good idea.</p>

<p>I am applying as freshman. I don't see a way to delete my old account.</p>

<p>then i'd call and ask.</p>

<p>For anybody else having the same problem:
I called Stanford yesterday and they told me to just ignore the warning message and create a new account.</p>