Hoya Saxa!!!

<p>What are chances right now? I know its lookin really bleak, but if I apply EA, do I have a decent chance? Also, what can I do to greatly improve my chances because my SAT (around 1900 right now), ACT (about 28 right now), and GPA (predicted to be 3.7 UW in IB diploma classes), are really really low right now?</p>

<p>Here are my stats:
*I am an Asian Indian Male
*From a competitive public high school in Oregon, Beaverton High School, which was also rated the best AP school in Oregon, so yeah, its a smart school.
*student body at school = 500+</p>

<p>The Numbers/ECs
*Freshman year:
4.0 with honors in 2 classes for both semesters</p>

<p>*Sophomore Year:
3.8125 overall for both semesters
(Bs in AP Chem 1st sem, Precalc 2nd sem, Social Studies 1st sem)</p>

<p>*Junior Year (projected)
Human Anat/Phys-A,A
IB Bio HL 1-A,A
Spanish 3-A,A
IB Calculus-A, A (might be at worst 1 "B")
IB Psychology-A,A
Team Sports-A
IB English-B,B (might get 1 A)
IB Tok 1-B</p>

<p>IN SUMMARY: I should finish high school with at the very very worst a 3.67 or 3.7 UW GPA, but I'll do what ever I can to prevent that from happening.</p>

<p>*class rank UW right now = 38/515. Weighted = 30/515 (will go up because not many kids have taken hard classes yet)
*IB Diploma Candidate (to be)
*Varsity tennis 4 years (will have 4)
*Science Team 4 years (will have 4)
*World Quest Trivia 4 years (will have 4)
*Science Club Treasurer (1 year)
*Science Club VP (2 years)
*Math Club VP (2 years)
*Portland Youth Philharmonic (will have 3 years)
*Mathfest Algebra 2 1st place freshman year
*OIMT Participant Fresh Year
*Mathfest Participant (will have 4 years)
*Oregon Museum of Science and Industry Rising Star Program (will have 150-175 volunteer hours done)
*Mathcounts Tutor (about 50+ volunteer hours)
*Right now I get about a 1920-2050 on the SAT, 26-30 on ACT according to Practice Tests for SAT, and the PLAN (it's like the PSAT for SAT except the ACT version) on ACT, but I'm shooting for at least a 2100 on the SAT and 32 on the ACT. Don't count on me getting a 2100 or a 32 because so far, it ain't happenin</p>

<p>stop worrying..you're not even a senior yet.</p>

<p>Just get good grades junior year and up your SAT scores.</p>

<p>Also, it depends on whether you are looking at SFS, Gtown College, or the other ones.</p>

<p>*Junior Year (projected) ????? </p>

<p>you can predict grades?</p>