HP, dm4 vs dv5t?

<p>HP</a> Pavilion dv5 and dv5t series | HP Official Store</p>

<p>HP</a> Pavilion dm4 and dm4t series | HP Official Store</p>

<p>I'm debating between these two laptops. I'm wondering, though: what would be the difference between the two laptops be if the dv5t was customized to the same specs of the dm4t? Would the only difference be screen size? (Not saying that I would, just wondering!) </p>

<p>I'm a little disappointed in the resolution for both, but atm I can't find another laptop with a bigger resolution that's not in the 1000$ price range. :C Suggestions for this?</p>

<p>At a glance..it looks like screen size and weight make up part of the difference between the two models.</p>

<p>actually they're both 14.5'' screens for some reason. The dm4 is also lighter.</p>

<p>From what I can tell the dm4 has the option of an ATI 5450 graphics card while the dv5 does not. From just the pictures the dm4 looks like aluminum while the dv5 has different colored plastic shells. Looks like the dm4 is the better deal.</p>

<p>Supposedly the Envy's are HP's premium line with top notch screens while the pavilion line has standard screens.</p>

<p>The screen sizes are actually different: the dm4 has a 14" screen, and the dv5 has a 14.5" screen. I just bought a dm4 recently. Don't worry about screen resolution on the dm4; it's the same resolution that many 15.6" laptops have, but in a smaller screen -- thus, it's significantly sharper-looking. In my opinion, any higher resolution would render text unreadable!</p>

<p>Wow, I've been thinking this exact same thing.</p>

<p>I tend to side with the dm4 for a few reasons. The aluminum makes it lighter weight and also sleeker looking. It has a fingerprint reader with HP software that lets you save all your passwords to the fingerprint reader. And, it has an option for a graphics card.</p>

<p>The only plus the dv5 has is the backlit keyboard. Hopefully I'll be able to afford the Envy 14 when it comes out.</p>