HP Student Discount

<p>Can someone describe how the HP Academy work? How do you get the student discount when you want to buy a HP laptop? Does it only apply when you order online? Can you get a student discount if you buy an HP laptop from a retailer like Best Buy or Fry's?</p>

<p>I think that is only available direct. The retail channel has large distributors between HP and itself and likely no way to apply such discounts. I'm not 100% sure, but I'm pretty sure it's just HP Direct. The discount would be tied to your HP ID. That said, I'd review all alternatives. </p>

<p>Warranty support is different from someone away from home, on a college campus, etc. Does the college your are going to support HP directly? If they have HP-certified techs, then it's great, because they can order hardware parts and give you warranty support. If they have techs certified in something else, like Dell, Apple, etc, you may want to buy that. Something to consider. Find the number for student computer support for your school and see what they do. Make your decision based on that. We've become too dependent on our laptops to get by, and sending your machine in a box, away for 2 weeks or more should not be in the cards.</p>

<p>HP's APP student discount is only available on shopping.hp.com. You can't use it with retailers. </p>

<p>Generally, you can get a better deal than the APP discount with HP's frequent release of coupons (usually $300+ discount or 15-30% off coupons). You'll see them from time to time on techbargains.com or other coupon sites. These coupons are not combinable with student discounts. If a coupon expired like an hour or two ago, you can call up HP's sales, and they're pretty good about giving you a discount. (That's how I got $500 off my new laptop even though the coupon had already expired) Just voice enough frustration and mention that you're a college student who can't afford to spend too much money.</p>

<p>You can also get a deeper discount by clicking on HP's link on ebates.com. ebates.com is a site that gives you some advertising kickback for using their link. (usually not much, 2 to 5%).</p>