HP vs. Dell vs. Lenovo

<p>I'm majoring in Electrical or Computer Engineering. Which one of HP, Dell and Lenovo notebooks would be the best?</p>

<p>brands mean nothing when you're comparing windows computer. since most of these laptops are using similar components, ie, intel processors, harddrives, etc, what you have to look at are the specs of the computers you're looking at. so we cant really give you a suggestion unless you give us some feedback on what you're looking for.</p>

<p>go home or go broke: buy the most expensive one that'll be the "best" one</p>

<p>It is really up to personal preference. I don't really like the dells. They used to be the top a few years ago but anymore i feel their hard drives tend to be smaller and they just don't work as well anymore. I have and HP and it works great. HP has some real nice newer models they are coming out with. However, I think if I was getting a new laptop for college (I'm making a desktop) I would get a Lenovo. They are getting much better at personal laptop building but are still keeping their well known durability. Again, its what you feel. Lenovo might be build a bit tougher, but not look as nice as an HP. Look around at all three and get what you like best.</p>

<p>lenovos will last you a while, if you dont mind the aesthetics (or lack thereof)</p>

<p>hmm tr1p7s .. yeah im mostly looking at the specs and Ive found that with the same specs Dells are a bit cheaper than HPs or Lenovos. I'm looking for the i5 or i7 processor, 4GB RAM, 250+ GB hard drive, a good graphic card, windows 7..since i'm doing ECE, it's gonna be very frequently used and most programs required should run on it. btw I was considering Macs but they're darn expensive and I've heard many programs aren't compatible with Macs.</p>

<p>Lenovo Y series.</p>

<p>Specifically the Y560.</p>

<p>I bought one and I love it to death. IIRC the Lenovo IdeaPads were actually cheaper than Dell or HP for better configurations, at the cost of customization. </p>

<p>Specs on my system:
i7 720
8GB ram
500GB 7200 RPM HDD
ATI Mobility Radeon 5xxx (can't remember exactly, look it up on the Lenovo website)
JBL Speakers
2MPxl Webcam
Integrated bluetooth
4 year LoJack Premium
3 year superwarranty.</p>

<p>... purchased for about 1600 on sale. If you can get a good deal (dads and grads, anyone? ;) ) you'll be getting better quality (see general Dell pooiness and HP spotty reliability issues, esp. with heatsink) and a better system for the same cost as a different system from one of those manufacturers with not-as-good specs.</p>

<p>The one thing I will say is that you might be better off waiting until June or July to purchase - the Lenovo RaidDrive technology is expected out around that timeframe. Should drastically cut your boot times and application load times. Don't believe the website - it isn't out yet. My computer is really pretty fast without it, I can't imagine it with RapidDrive.</p>

<p>Hope this helped.</p>

<p>Go with the new lenovos or new HP's. They just launched new laptops with switchable graphics. That's the tech where laptops are going. The new lenovo y460/y560 are fully powered and they can switch between low power and high power so you get good battery life.</p>

<p>The new HP's are very cheap for the good quality now. They aren't crap anymore because they stole Apple's design lol.</p>

<p>Dell is still lagging behind.</p>

<p>They really won't make much of a difference. If you're a real ECE major, you'll be able to work comfortably with almost any laptop.</p>

<p>I'd just make sure that it supports Linux (you might just want/need it someday), is durable (you'll be using it often), and looks nice.</p>

<p>thanks for all the advice :)</p>