HPME - Chance

<p>Hey, I was wondering if you guys could chance me for HPME at Northwestern. </p>

ACT -- 35 composite with 8 on writing
SAT I -- not as high as ACT, so doesn't matter (2040, but I took it when I had a 31 on my ACT, so the scores matched then)
SAT II -- 800 Math II, 800 Chem, 740 Physics
PSAT -- 204 (back when my reading score sucked... oh well, I still made Semifinalist, thankfully [Arkansas's cut-off was 204, so whew]; when I take the SAT again, I'll hopefully get something similar to my ACT score [hopefully a 2200 or higher] that will give me Finalist]</p>

Unweighted Cumulative (9th through 11th grade) GPA -- 4.000
Weighted Cumulative (9th through 11th grade) GPA -- 4.533</p>

<h1>1 or #2 in class (we don't rank except for val and salut, so I'm not completely sure which one I am)</h1>

<p>AP Tests (so far):
-Human Geo -- 3 (screwed up on this one...)
-World History -- 4
-Chemistry -- 5
-Physics B -- 5
-Calculus AB -- 5
AP Tests next year:
-Calculus BC
-U.S. Government and Politics
-Language and Composition
-Literature and Composition

141 Hours of Community Service (we need 60 to graduate)
Marching Band, Concert Band, and Pep Band
Band Council (President)
National Honor Society
Beta Club
Engineering Club (Officer; VP)
Science Club (Officer; VP)
French Club
State History Day (not sure if that really matters or not..)
National French Honor Society
Mu Alpha Theta</p>

<p>Other Awards:
Science Award (9th, 10th, 11th Grade)
Social Studies award (9th and 10th grade)
AR All-State Band (10th and 11th Grade)
Chemistry Olympiad finalist (11th grade)
Headmaster's List (All A's)</p>

<p>That's all I can remember for right now. If anything else comes to mind, I'll post again.</p>


<p>One more for award I forgot to include - National Merit Semifinalist</p>

<p>If I remember anything else, I'll post again.</p>

<p>Peytoncline, you are a strong candidate. However, HPME is so competitive that no one can really give you any chance indication. You just have to try your best and then see what happen.</p>