<p>who's going for northwestern HPME? post!</p>

<p>got my hpme application, filling it out now. however, 4 kids from my school applying for HPME. Well, good luck!</p>


<p>i am stealing the last year's HPME stats you posted in another board and post it here; i think those who are interested will likely come here to find it. by the way, you should get bonus points from the admission for helping out other applicants. </p>

<p>HPME Admitted Student Profile (2003-04):
Top 1% of high school class
SAT 1 verbal 760
SAT 1 math 775
ACT composite 34
SAT II Chem. 765
SAT II Writing 750
SAT II Math 2C 785</p>

<p>Application Information:
Approximately 900-1000 sent inquiry cards
Approximately 700 received supplemental application
90% of applicants completed the supplemental application.
140 applicants were invited to interview
Approximately 60 students were offered admission to fill 50 spaces.</p>