HPSWharton? Major:

<p>HPSWharton? Major: Econ. and Pol Sci.</p>

<p>I have a 2370 SAT. Now what if I practice, and get a 2400?
I have 800s *4 actually, on my SAT IIs.</p>

<p>So 2400 and 2400.</p>

<p>My rank is top 5%, but my transcript is just so awful. No Cs or anything, but I am not perfect.
Well there is also grade deflation considered but still.</p>

<p>So can anyone help me out?
I will gladly send you guys my ECs,..etc, APs taken, awards...etc


<p>Your SATs look incredibly good. I have heard some people say that once you get into the top score range (2350+ even), a small score difference of 30 points won't matter, although I don't see how retaking could hurt (unless you're applying to non-Score Choice schools and your SATs slip considerably). I wouldn't be able to make further judgment without seeing some ECs. These can make or break an application, especially at top LACs.</p>

<p>Your transcript... could you perhaps provide an excerpt from the last four years of high school? This would be useful, as I've read that many admissions officers hold GPA and the transcript in higher esteem than SATs.</p>

<p>So, by the looks of your SATs, you have a good chance of getting in to HPS. However, more information is needed to make a better judgment.</p>

<p>Yes, I will PM you.
Is that okay?</p>

Is that okay?


No problems - you can post here if you like, then PM me to let me know you've done so. I'll happily reply here.</p>

<p>Like NJI said, you have a very strong SAT (which imo is not worth retaking for a 2400, unless you have a glaring problem on your application) and although you claim your gpa is low, since you are in the top 5% i don't think it is that much of a problem. But again, there will be a multitude of people with comparable SAT scores and higher gpas, so without ec, activities, special circumstances, awards, etc. I can't give you an accurate chance for these top schools.</p>

<p>OK. I will make sure to send you a PM.</p>

<p>Same as above. You've been posting a lot, and seem to have the supposed EC's and AP exams/tests, so I'm going to go ahead and say it wouldn't be terribly hard for you. It is hard for everyone, but you seem qualified enough. W/o actually knowing your EC's and AP's, it would be hard to know for sure, but you DO seem like a good fit for many of those.</p>

<p>Thank you synny201!
My biggest problem is my transcript.
I have everything ready- my rank high, SATs, national achievements, VERY interesting app..</p>

<p>But my transcript is dreadful.
Best wishes to all of us!</p>

<p>My school doesn't even offer ranking, just deciles. So I happen to fall in the top 10%, but they don't say by how much :(</p>

<p>And don't worry about it. A GPA is not the sole factor in an admission -- the rest will take care of that for you! If you are truly worried over it, have your guidance counselor write a letter explaining it (if it is explainable!). And schools will look at rank over GPA, since the GPA of each school is different.</p>

<p>Yep, the valedictorian in my school has a GPA of 3.99.
I have a 3.85ish GPA.
But guess what: my SAT is pretty high.
But I am thinking of retaking it to get a 2400.</p>

<p>H 6%
P 7%
S 7%
Wharton 5%</p>

<p>Where did you get these numbers?</p>


<p>^^yeah don't take that at face value. if his/her method of calculating chances were even slightly accurate, then your chances would be significantly lower than reality because you technically have nothing but SATs, SAT IIs, and a GPA.</p>

<p>Yeah its kind of hard to chance you without information on your extracurricular activities and awards. But so far the GPA + SAT are very strong.</p>

<p>why don't you just list the ECs instead of pming them...</p>

<p>scores and stuff look good, but that's only half the equation</p>

<p>Privacy issues.
And I also don't want people comparing stats.
If you want to, I will send you a PM</p>