HPU - Early Action or Early Decision?

My daughter is pretty set that HPU is her top choice, but she has about 5 other colleges recruiting her heavily, and she should get into all, with her scores and grades. Does anyone know if there is a difference in scholarships between ED and EA? I’ve heard it said that if you apply ED, be prepared to pay full price. I’ve also had someone tell me that at HPU, the merit money goes to kids who apply ED. I’m understandably confused.

She’s being offered some good money thru pre-awards at other schools, and I’d like her to have the opportunity to weigh offers between schools. Can anyone shed some light?

My daughter is a sophomore at HPU. I recommend that you call Admissions at HPU and ask them questions. The staff is amazing, among the most helpful and professional group of people that I have ever met. If Admissions does not have the answer, they will find it for you.

Their merit scholarship reward isnt different at all… The stats of getting ACCEPTED are just flat out better if you apply Early Decision, rather than Early Action… HOWEVER, if you apply early Decision, you dont have a choice with the offer, whereas if you go Early Action (which still has a high number of Applicants Accepted) you can weigh the offers from other schools. Which is wiser

Which is better for scholarships ?

There is no way to tell because they dont publish stats on that. HOWEVER there are two factors we do know

  1. Your odds of getting accepted are much higher at HPU if you apply early Decision (and you are a good student)
  2. Any school has no incentive to offer you anything out of the ordinary if you apply early decision because you are duty bound to accept it… Doesnt mean they WONT offer you as much as Early Action or Regular Decision just means they DONT have to offer as much

Another thing to consider is how much aid you are likely to get from HPU vs other schools you are looking at. On the collegedata.com website you can find the average amount of need met (52% at HPU) and average amount of freshman aid, and see how that compares to others.

That is one way to go, but certainly the best way to to apply early action to all the schools, or just apply early if they are rolling admissions and you shouldve heard back from everyone by Christmas Eve, and you can make your decision by then. Then you can compare each college against the bottom line.