HPU Purple Packet Received Today

My D applied ED1 and received a purple packet today which included a letter stating, “hope that you take advantage
of the extraordinary opportunities available to you at HPU”, but nothing about a decision. Any insight on what this means?

Folllowing up as we got the same packet

So odd. Just tons of daily marketing materials urging us to apply. She applied months and months ago.

@LeslieH & @DT2022 - my D got accepted to HPU ED1. After receiving purple packet, acceptance was posted on their portal 2 days later and she got official acceptance on 11-25. Good luck and keep us posted!

Lol we got a nice silver envelope from HPU yesterday with a Christmas Card/Music CD. Sure would have been nicer if it had been an acceptance letter instead :smiley:

@labegg - did your kid apply EA, ED2 or regular decision? A music CD is nice; we get lots of marketing materials from schools but never a CD. I hope u get good news soon!

@NJmom2018 I believe she applied EA.

My child was accepted ED. His acceptance was posted on the MyHPUvip portal and he received the large purple package 11/25. Since that time he’s received a Class of 2022 tshirt, phone holder and the holiday CD. He also already spoken with his success adviser and is registered to attend the March freshman orientation. There is an official Class of 2022 facebook page as well as an unofficial Class of 22 group in another app. He’s excited about it all.

My D will be attending the March orientation too. Interacting with her success adviser and other
admitted students has been positive as well. My D is thrilled and the whole family is excited for her to attend HPU! Good luck to the EA applicants! It’s nice knowing early, takes the stress out of the process!