Hrrm It was 85 degrees in Ann Arbor last week

<p>Yesterday, Ann Arbor got 8 inches of snow...on April 24th! I hope you guys are ready for some crazy Michigan weather.</p>

<p>good ol' michigan weather...good thing it all melted today :)</p>

<p>LOL! You guys got 8 in. of snow yesterday?! We only got 1 to 2 in., and we're only between and hour and an hour and a half west of you.</p>

<p>well...i live about twenty minutes from ann arbor...we got about 3 inches...</p>

<p>nah official fall was 7-8 inches, but only a few inches stayed on the ground because it was too warm and most of it turned into slush/water</p>

<p>We're about an hour from AA and about 5-6 inches actually stuck. It was a real snow storm on Sunday, but yesterday it all melted and they played baseball again. Really, really weird weather.</p>