HS Calculus Dual Enrollment - vs - AP Calculus AB

Hello ALL,
My DS is currently in Pre Calc Honors, next year there is two choices Calculus Dual Enrollment (Community College) or AP Calculus AB. Which one is more attractive on the HS transcript to TOP TIER SCHOOL ? The dual calc is not honors or AP. It is dual/

(I hope I am posting in the proper forum for some feed back. I am new at this.
I have a rising senior… who by next year will have taken 10 AP classes. Currently, we are having a battle of the AP class. ) Thanks in advance!!

Hello! I myself am an AP student and a senior. It sounds like she has taken APs before and is familiar with the classes and tests. She may have more success in a system she’s used to. I dual enrolled for pre-calc and that has had more trouble transferring over. Make sure the universities she is interested accept AP credits, many REALLY prestigious schools don’t. Applications are tricky, sometimes one option isn’t clearly better. I hope this helps in your considerations. She sounds like a wonderful student. Good Luck!

They generally do not care. But in general, one is more likely the get AP credit than DE credit.

The only exception may be if the DE us a semester course and can be followed by a DE calc 2 course, which is really the equivalent of calc BC

If the dual enrollment is both semesters of regular college calculus (not business calculus) over a year, then it will cover more material than AP calculus AB, which will cover a bit more than half of the material (i.e. a little more than the first semester of regular college calculus).

AP calculus BC is what is roughly equivalent to two semesters of regular college calculus.

Thank you! I appreciate your input! Good luck in college!!

DS is a rising senior. DE calc is the only option or AP Calc AB.

What does college admission care about? I was under the impressions rigor and success was one of the important factors to get into a top tier school.

DE calc is full year.

I don’t think the schools DS will be applying too will accept the credit from a community college, we are just interested in what looks best on the transcript. thanks :slight_smile:

The answers remains the same - admissions does not care. Both are rigorous.

That said, AP is a known commodity and DE quality varies by school. Although in theory, there is not much one can do to the calc 1 curriculum.

Full year to cover calculus 1 and calculus 2 (as would typically be the case if the student goes to the actual college for class sessions) or just calculus 1 (which may be the case of “college in the high school” dual enrollment)?

thank you.

thanks for explaining.