HS class rigor

<p>I'm a junior this year and I just recieved my schedule and I guess my school couldn't fit all the classes I signed up for into it. I have 6 hours and 3 or them are AP classes. Currently I have AP chem, APUSH, AP Calc AB, physics, Brit lit, and pyschology. They gave me psychology instead of AP Spanish due to scheduling conflicts. Would psychology be considered 'rigorous'? the other option I may have open to me is comparative religions. Which would be considered more rigourous? And if neither are, how could I convey to MIT that I tried to take AP Spanish but couldn't?</p>

<p>If you're really interested in a class but can't schedule it, you could always study the material on your own and then take the AP exam in May without actually taking the class. Psychology is easier than most other APs to self-study, I think, though I've heard that the class can be fun.</p>

<p>Also, my school had a gifted support program that was very helpful with scheduling--I was able to miss a day a week of AP statistics for AP bio lab and thus fit both in--maybe your school has something similar? Or try looking through the master schedule and setting up your schedule on your own, and showing it to your counselor as a suggestion. Since you have more time to spend on yourself than your counselor, you might be able to come up with a better arrangement.</p>

<p>Your classes are fine. </p>

<p>Hi lidusha!!</p>

<p>It isn't AP psychology, just a regular semester elective. I really have no interest in it. The problem I see with self study is that I'd have to pay for the test and most of the schools I am looking at, including my state school, doesn't accept a lot of AP credit anyway, so I feel that is a waste of money. I mean I will probably still learn Spanish on my own because I do really like it. As for getting a master schedule, students don't have access to it and the only way we can know what classes are open each hour is by going through the consuler. So yeah that's the problem.</p>

<p>I have long wished the concept of supervised independent study were a little more prevalent as a high school thing.</p>

<p>For MIT I'd highly recommend calc BC or if your school does not offer it, a college calc class. Does your school offer AP physics, this is also very important for MIT.</p>

<p>Yes we have to take AB first. Also I have to take regular physics before AP physics. I am a junior this year and am taking ap calc bc and ap physics next year.</p>

<p>@MITChris: Hiii!!! :D</p>

<p>@IsaacM: You might be able to get a hardcopy of the master schedule at the counseling office, or at least an idea of when your favorite classes are by talking with your counselor. If they're scheduling courses right now, the counseling office is probably open.</p>

The problem I see with self study is that I'd have to pay for the test


Wouldn't you have to pay for an AP test even if you were taking the class?</p>

<p>We don't have to take the test if we don't want to. But because most if the schools I am looking at don't accept AP credit in a way that saves money, I really am just taking the classes because I find the material interesting. And we can't change our schedules for another two weeks but we have to fill out forms if we want to change, and I have to put what I'd like to switch into on the forms now. We have an annoying long process for changes.</p>

<p>Lidusha - perhaps IsaacM is asking, "Since I'm not taking the class anyway, is there a way that is a minus 80-ish dollars way to make it clear to MIT that I care about Spanish?"</p>

<p>Well said mathboy98. that's exactly what I mean.</p>