HS Courses

What up. I’m a sophomore in HS what’s my chances at Brown, harvard, G-tOwn, Princeton, Macalester, and/or Swarthmore. This is the most demanding courseload i can take

This Year : GPA so far 3.8
Honors Latin I
Honors English II
Honors Theology II
French II
World History II

Jr. Yr.
Honors Theology III
Honors English III
Honors French III
Honors US History
Honors Pre-Calculus
Honors Algebra II
Honors Chemistry
2 college classes

Sr. Yr
AP Calculus
Honors Physics
Honors Theology IV
AP English
AP US History
Honors French IV
1 college class

Do u guys know of any academic awards that really stand out or what I can do to stand out. Please give comments on this class schedule. BTW my ECs are typical nothing outstanding. BTW i’m a URM

<p>What about SAT's ?? or essays???
I dont think you could get in with those stats...but a really good SAT would really help..</p>

<p>There's no reason why you can't get into a good school if you take that courseload. Maybe you should be concentrating on your life instead of the admissions process, though. It's too early for that.</p>