HS ECs translating to college

How well do non-academic translate to college? By that I mean: The skills and things you did in the club being relevant or useful in college. My non-Academic ECs

Model UN
Amnesty International
ASL Club (club that prompted the thread)
Best Buddies

The point of ECs is to help you develop yourself as a person with activities and interests that go beyond class and homework. All ECs are relevant to colleges. Except for athletics which many colleges seem to think are “better”, colleges look less into what you did, and more into how you did it.

Did you demonstrate passion, perseverance, innovation, interest in going beyond the minimal or even the standard. These of course are easier to demonstrate in ECs which have awards and prizes, which is why so many students engage in competitive ECs. However, these are hardly the only way to excel.

One of her my kid’s major accomplishments was to take the GSA which was moribund, and change it into a very large and thriving club with fundraisers, fairs, and other such activities. Another student excelled in theatre and ended up directing and producing a very successful play. They are both attending very good colleges, BTW.

So long as your ECs are things which you are doing from sincere interest and passion, and you are putting effort in doing your best, you’re good. ECs where you help people, like ASL, Best Buddies, or Amnesty International, are great because they are helping people.

In short - that is an excellent EC set, and, while I don’t think that athletics are in any way “better”, being engaged in at least one physical activity would help you physically and mentally. It doesn’t have to be a sport - dance, or hiking, or any other way to keep physically active is good.

Good luck

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@MWolf I agree completely that ECs should be reflective of what you believe in and are interested in. I’m only a sophomore so I haven’t reached leadership positions in my activities, but that’s definitely something I aspire to. Thanks for the encouraging words.

Don’t worry about leadership positions. By “leadership”, they also mean “being that person”, the one who everybody knows will provide support and advice, the person whose work or actions are used as an example, the person who has ideas and implements them.

In any case - you are doing the right thing and you have the right attitude. Good luck, and keep doing well.

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