HS Extra Curriculars

Hello, I am a current sophomore starting to prep for college but I am kind of in a dilemma. So, as a way to add extra curriculars to my resume, I have decided to try out for a sport in the fall. If I were to be in this sport, I would spend most of my time at practice followed by work. I would only be able to volunteer at 2-3 places. But if I were to not do a sport this coming year, I would be able to volunteer at numerous places such as the soup kitchen, local community clinics, an equestrian center for disabled children, The Boys’ and Girls’ Club, and at a school that teaches English to immigrants. In addition, I would have time to do student council, participate in the PTK honor society that I a part of, and also have more time for work.

I am not sure what to do since many individuals stress the importance of being a well rounded student by volunteering, doing a sport, and doing well in school. I want to go into a BSMD program, specifically Howard U’s BS/MD program, which is competitive. What do you guys think?

Unless you are an athletic recruit, doing a sport is no more important than any other EC. Do what you are interested in! If it’s that sport, great! But if you are just doing it to add to your resume, don’t!

All those other opportunities you mention sync with becoming a doctor much more than playing a sport.


sports aren’t super important for college admissions. I have a low GPA but a lot of ec’s related to my major which I think has helped me get accepted into all the schools I applied to. So since you want to do the BSMD program I would suggest getting involved in medical clubs and organizations, volunteering at hospitals, etc. It shows schools you know you have some experience in the field you want to go into.