HS Graduation

<p>When are people graduating?</p>

<p>I'm on June 10th.</p>

<p>I'm on June 16th.</p>

<p>Haha... May 20th</p>

<p>my is on june 12</p>

<p>Mine is on June 10.</p>

<p>June 22nd... Oh how I hate my school :(</p>

<p>uhh i believe june 15th 30 something days left!</p>

<p>june 27...gosh</p>

<p>June 15...wow lobsta, May 20???</p>

<p>yea.. except we start school in mid-august.....all Arizona schools do.</p>

<p>june 4, started school around mid to late august</p>

<p>June 10....but the last day of classes for seniors is May 20.....19 more days of school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p>

<p>May 28th biatches!!!! yessssss last day of classes is May 20th~</p>

<p>May 28th also!!</p>

<p>right on! yay for May 28th!! I'm about to die waiting for it to get here. screw the APs! lol...</p>

<p>June 10, is for SR's only. everyone else is the next thursday. Last year b/c of snow the SR's got to graduate 2 weeks early. It sucked.</p>

<p>I graduate in June, but won't be required to attend any classes after May 16th, I think. Ooh yeh.</p>

<p>i graduate on june 15th, but my last day to attend classes is like june 10! and even after AP exams teacher still require us to work!</p>

<p>June 7...2006 (yay for going to USC instead of high school)</p>