HS Jr major Health issues - chance of NCSU

Hello All - I am a Dad of a HS jr and I have never studied in US so pardon my ignorance.

My son is a 4 time cancer survivor and had a very hard time since he was 2.5 years through high school due to recurring cancers. We live in Raleigh, wake county and Indian.

Son currently has a weighted GPA of 4.32 and unweighted of 3.8. He is currently getting SAT score of 1440. And has taken 4 AP classes. By the time his next semester ends he might end up at 3.75 based on his grades.

He has no extra curricular activities or volunteer work due to his frequent Heath issues.

We are concerned parents who worry if our son can get into a good college locally that allow him to attend his Doc visits at Duke regularly and also for us to be close enough to attend to his medical needs.

He is interested in CS or the Business Adminstration IT focus.

Can you please advise ? Does he have a chance to get into NCSU ? Any other good options around ?