HS junior accepted to Williams

<p>I got into Williams and Dartmouth as a junior (HS class of 2010). I won't be getting a HS diploma, so my undergrad college name would be my only justification (well, not counting the GED, which I'm planning to take) for the question: why didn't you finish high school?</p>

<p>Williams is my first choice--strong art history and astronomy programs, Oxford-style tutorials--, but considering that practically no one outside of the US knows Williams (I live in Thailand), will Dartmouth, with the Ivy League brandname, be a better choice?</p>

<p>Even though it's Ivy, Dartmouth doesn't really carry much of a name internationally. Also, you really can't get better than Williams when it comes to art history--the program is outstanding and the resources of WCMA, Mass MOCA and the Clark are unmatched by Dartmouth. And the tutorial system really is as awesome as it sounds.</p>

<p>sphairistic: I saw you on the 2011 decisions thread and saw you got in off the waitlist. Did you end up matriculating? if so, awesome!</p>