HS junior looking for liberal arts colleges with really good merit aid

<p>I know that the top LACs don't offer merit aid but what about some near the top that do? I'm thinking of places like Hendrix and Earlham. Anyone know if it's possible to get something close to a full-ride at a place like this?</p>

<p>Cornell ALS gives merit aid, I think. Pleasant surprise.</p>

<p>If you are in good academic standing, you can try Rice. They are pretty generous with meeting your cost.</p>

<p>Based on my son's experience, yes, it is possible to "get something close to a full ride" at some great LAC's. The competition is fierce, but if you have the stats, you can be successful. Son did not apply to Earlham so I have no info to give there. He did apply to Hendrix however, and received merit dollars = to about 70% of tuition. He won't be attending but we were SO impressed with that little school down in Arkansas. It's a real gem. </p>

<p>If you have the stamina, and the stats, I would strongly encourage you to go after the merit dollars. My son received good to excellent money at every school he applied to, except one. I mention stamina because applying for many scholarships is lots of work so start at early as possible. Some LAC's you may want to look into are, in alpabetica order, Centre, College of Wooster, Denison, Oxford at Emory (find through Emory), Hendrix, Ohio Wesleyan, Rhodes, U. of Richmond and Washington & Lee.</p>

<p>Best of luck to you.</p>