HS Juniors: Use This Summer Strategy to Prepare for College Applications

Dave Berry breaks down the steps rising seniors can take to get a jump start on college applications this summer: https://www.collegeconfidential.com/articles/rising-seniors-think-ahead-to-fall/

I don’t disagree with the suggestions, but it’s odd to me that the first question has to do with the applicant’s high school’s track record of sending students to the Ivies and the last has to do with hoe to make a pitch to “highly selective” colleges. Why the knee-jerk focus on Ivies and “highly selective” colleges in a general interest article? The majority of applicants are not looking at these schools.

^agree. The suggestions are great but the highly selective paragraphs have me scratching my head.

I guess that not only the members of the CC forums are obsessed with prestige…