HTC decisions questions

Hi guys!

So, I’m probably committing to OU’s HTC Communications Studies programs at some time this week and I was just wondering if anyone could answer these questions:

  1. If you're going to be living in the scholars housing, are you able to find roommates instead of going in blindly, and if so, how does that work?
  2. Who else is going to commit or already has committed to the HTC (or OU in general... I'm just curious)?
  3. Does anyone have any clue when the HTC orientation is? Apparently it's some time in May, so I'm hoping it doesn't conflict with AP exams or graduation.
  4. This one is really random, but does OU currently have an active Quidditch team? Who wants to do Quidditch with me or help me start a Quidditch team if one doesn't currently exist?

There is a Facebook page for OU HTC 2019 students that I believe is designed to help find roommates. It should also help you find other students who were accepted and chose HTC. A side note. My D is not an HTC student but was given an opportunity to live in Read Hall (the sophomore honors dorm) her sophomore year. She much prefers it to her freshman dorm (Gamersfelder Hall). It’s quieter and much more relaxed.

As for the Quidditch team, I know they had one a few years ago. Perhaps with the ending of the HP movies (Fantastic Beasts not withstanding) the enthusiasm has waned in recent years. Definitely ask when you get on campus though.

HI: My daughter is committed to HTC. She plans to live in the scholars housing. We too are worried that the date will conflict with graduation and exams. We live in Florida and she graduates May 14. I believe once you put down your housing deposit you can fill out the housing questionnaire. My daughter did hers already. It is pretty good in that it asks you preferences as to cleanliness, importance of studying, etc. I am an Alum of OU so excited for my D and you. You both are going to have such an amazing experience!!

Hi, My son is a freshman in the HTC living in honors housing Johnson. Closer to freshman room selection your son/daughter will be able to go into the housing portal and fill out a roommate match and they will be able to see who is also allowed to select honors housing to find a roommate.
There were two orientations assigned Sunday May 14(mothers day) and Monday15 We were assigned to this one. and Monday May 15 and Tuesday May 16. Let me know of you have any other questions.