HUD Internship Summer 2010

<p>I was wondering if anyone applied for the Department of Housing and Urban Development Internship Program for this summer. If so, have you heard anything back either way? Thank you!</p>

<p>I've applied and no, I haven't heard back yet. Seems like an awful late response at this point</p>

<p>That's what I've been thinking too. I sent an email and may call next week because I haven't gotten a response to that either. When did you apply?</p>

<p>I've sent an email as well and haven't gotten a reply. I applied for the last deadline April 1st, which I assume has something to do with it. But I did submit the application a couple weeks ahead of time</p>

<p>Oh okay. I submitted mine in January so I think this is a bit ridiculous.</p>

<p>Well, I'll post on here when/if? I hear back or make contact in any sort of way. It would be great if could do the same. Good luck</p>

<p>Definitely. If I haven't gotten an email in response by noon today, I'm calling and I'll postto let you know. Good luck to you as well!</p>

<p>Has anyone heard back yet, or gotten a response?</p>

<p>still nothing on my end</p>

<p>I haven't heard anything, and I submitted mine in January too.</p>

<p>I got an email from Shelita Aldrich. She said that they are in the process of making selections. Those that are selected will be notified.</p>

<p>That's what I got today as well. I emailed back asking for a specific date because I have arrangements that need to be made and I'm sure other people do too.</p>

<p>So....I just got a call from HUD about 10 minutes ago. I GOT THE INTERNSHIP!!! At the GS-6 level, I'll start June 7th. I'm so excited!!!! </p>

<p>The guy I talked to offered me the position, told me what level it was, gave me the option of starting dates, and told me I'd receive an email with further details. </p>

<p>Good luck to everyone who's still waiting!</p>

<p>anyone else hear back yet? I'm trying to figure out if I should just make other plans??</p>

<p>So today HUD called me around 7:15 (Western time) and she asked if i wanted to take the internship. So i said yes and she said wait for an email later this week.</p>

<p>I'm interested in applying for next year. Does anyone know when the applications are posted on the HUD website? And how many interns they take each summer?</p>

<p>start checking in december/january. the first cut-off for applications this past year was february 1st. i'm not sure of the exact number of interns. i'm in d.c. and during my orientation there were about 60-70 of us, and i think more will be starting on later dates. everyone gets distributed around to the different offices, i'm currently the only intern in my office, but one more is supposed to join in the next few weeks. at the same time, they told us that about 8000 people applied for these internships, so while there are a decent number of positions available, there are also a lot of people applying for them.</p>