Huge Conflict - HELP!!

<p>I'm not going to get into my scores, grades, ECs, etc because its all irrelevant for the sake of my problem. </p>

<p>I LOVE UMichigan. I love football, Ann Arbor, the feel, the business school, everything about it. I'm confident I can get in there EA. </p>

<p>I can also get into Penn (don't ask, doesn't matter) and hopefully wind up at Wharton. One would think this is a dream come true for someone like me, as I have my mind set on entering the business world. And in terms of business, nothing tops Wharton.</p>

<p>The problem: I just have a feeling I'm going to have a better college experience at Michigan. Less snobby, closer to home, great sports (I'm passionate about sports), and less pressure. </p>

<p>It comes down to enjoyment vs. career. Wharton leads to an extremely successful career in business, but I feel like Michigan is just the better fit for me. Yet...can one turn down a top 5 school?</p>

<p>Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>Wharton and the Ross school are both top 5 business schools so honestly...there isn't too much separating the two although it is more likely that a business will look more highly at a Wharton Grad than a Ross Grad, but in the end it' the interview and overall resume that matter the most....go with your gut, worst case--u can always transfer</p>

<p>Though if you want to transfer, you will need a very high GPA, or you'll be stuck. Deciding by the way you speak of both, though, go to UMich.</p>

<p>Name recognition alone makes Penn the better choice. After all, it is Wharton. I'm sure that once you get there, you'll love it just as much as you would Michigan.</p>

<p>Well, apply to both and try to decide what you want to do if and when you get in. It's a little bit presumptuous to assume that you'll get into Wharton, unless, of course, you're one of those 18-time legacies with really rich donor parents...</p>

<p>If I were you, I would go with Michigan. It's probably cheaper, and Ross is at the same level as Wharton. Two spots on the rankings make little to no difference. Plus, the atmosphere at Michigan is so much better for your interests. Moving two or three spots down the Top Ten list isn't going to kill your future career. There's no point being bored and miserable at Wharton when you could have the same quality of education at Michigan.</p>

<p>^^^^I would need to apply to Penn ED, so I need to decide where I would rather go in the next few months.</p>

<p>Although there is only a couple spots difference, I think the gap is significant. When going to apply for a job, if I tell them I'm a Wharton graduate, I'm instantly a legit candidate. </p>

<p>But yeah, I'm liking the Michigan atmosphere more. I'm so stumped.</p>

<p>You sound like a recruited athlete. Have you actually visited either places?</p>

<p>It sounds like you have your heart set on UMich. Don't compromise what you feel will be an amazing college experience just to go to more "prestigious" university. True success is measured by how content you are with your life, not the quality of the university you attend.</p>

<p>I think you know the answer, OP. UMich is where you belong.</p>