HUGE financial aid problem

<p>Firstly, I know this is completely my fault, and I am so angry at myself right now.</p>

<p>I procrastinated until March 14 to file my FAFSA, and on March 15 I got an email saying there are some things I need to fix before it can be processed, but I got another email saying it had been received and processed, so I ignored this (HUGE mistake).</p>

<p>Now due to some issues, even with Bright Futures college may end up being very difficult to pay for. I went to check my financial aid status with UF and they said I have no app for fin. aid on file.</p>

<p>I went back to the email saying that I needed to fix some things. It's confusing since my mom got remarried and tends to use her new name for a lot of things, so I used it when applying, and apparently the new name doesn't match with the SAR, so her pin got deactivated, and so it's like I never filed it.</p>

<p>Should I even bother fixing it by now? I'm planning to call UF tomorrow.</p>

<p>I am probably the stupidest person ever...</p>

<p>Yes, you should fix it, I've missed the deadline before. Your aid package will probably be worse, but it will still exist. It depends on how much money UF has sitting around to give out for financial aid.</p>

<p>your aid package will be hurt, but thats better than nothing.</p>