<p>I got myself into this, but depression unexpectedly hit much worse than usual over the summer and I haven't done any of my work yet. School starts at the end of August for me. I have to:</p>

<p>-Study for a trig/pre-calc final exam to take the test and earn an A; I wanted to take AP Calc this year and so I decided to self-study trig/pre-calc.</p>

<p>-Find 9 psychology articles and write essays on them for AP Psych, as well as additional personal essay</p>

<p>-Define AP Psych terms</p>

<p>-Study for AP psych two chapter test first day</p>

<p>-Study for AP Chemistry memorization test: various polyatomic ions, charges of elements, nomenclature, solubility rules, and oxidation numbers</p>

<p>-Do Chemistry portfolio project</p>

<p>-Do AP Stats problems</p>

<p>-Read and write journal entries every 30 pages of two books for AP Lang</p>

<p>-Study for test on grammar booklet for AP Lang</p>

<p>Has anyone else procrastinated this much and pulled it off? I didn't realize how bad it was until now, and I'm so stressed that my dinner is threatening to come back up.</p>

<p>May your god have mercy on you. Actually, doesn't seem like that much work, except for the two english books.</p>

<p>Start now.</p>

<p>Finish the two books within 1 week.</p>

<p>Then keep studying. You have 3 weeks left.</p>

<p>Depression is awful when you've got a lot of work. But you do have full days (not just time after school, like when school is in session) to finish your work. Hop to it!</p>

<p>Thank you! I'll start working...I suppose it isn't that bad, but I couldn't help but panic.</p>

<p>Just keep reminding yourself that everything will be okay.. Work your butt off this time but let this be a lesson. Never procrastinate.. Try to spread the workload over the summer.. It will make everything not so stressful.</p>