Human Ecology Interview

<p>Just wondering, </p>

<p>I spoke to someone today and they scheduled me a time slot so that I can reach an admission counselor next week. The person who scheduled said something, and I am 89% sure she said something about it being a phone interview. </p>

<p>Do they actually do phone interviews or what? I was going through their website and it says something like this: </p>

<p>If life as a Cornell transfer student really interests you, come visit us! We encourage all potential transfer students to consult with one of several Human Ecology transfer admissions counselors to discuss the college's programs more completely, blahblahblah....Email Human Ecology's Admissions Office or call (607)255-5471 to arrange an appointment.</p>

<p>So would this count as an over-the-phone interview? Because I swear I heard something like that. They took down my info too.</p>